Inspection services

Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc. is an organization totally focused on every aspect of cross connection control and backflow prevention measures. It maintains on staff at all times a licensed Water Supply Protection Specialist and a licensed Customer Service Inspector for complete and detailed inspections on new or existing facilities. Our specialty areas include cross connection surveys, shut down/dye testing and third party consulting. Over 85 years of combined staff experience results in problem solving and customer relations premier in the backflow prevention and cross connection control industry. 

In 2002 Bac-Flo Unlimited was contracted by San Antonio Water System to conduct separation assurance on various sites having actual or proposed recycle water on site. A few of the sites included Trinity University, San Antonio Country Club, Brooks AFB and Brackenridge Golf Course. Five phases of separation assurance were conducted on each site which included cross connection surveys, pipe location, color coding, piping modifications and shut down / dye testing. Additionally, on site supervisors were an active part of the projects along with education of on site recycle responsibility aspects, insofar as future cross connection control measures.

"SAWS Recycle Water O & M Manual" -- Fred Baird, lead technical consultant, has over 40 years experience in the cross connection field and was directly involved, alond with Bruce Rathburn (SAWS current backflow section supervisor), in the development of SAWS Recycle Backflow Prevention Section of the O & M Manual.

Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc. has conducted cross connection surveys on such sites as: Space X, Corpus Christi Industrial Plants, Military Bases, etc. Many sites utilize multiple water sources such as gray water, service/utility water, reclaim water, recycle water, cisterns, condensate water, ponds/rivers, etc, and required detailed separation assurance measures.

In many instances Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc. conducts third party surveys and inspections for a community or city. We will provide detailed information on measures that must be accomplished to comply with national, state and local codes. We provide the local municipality with practical skills training throughout the survey process and future support.